Join Dr. Bulloch as he answers questions and discusses everything around implants, wisdom teeth extraction, dental anxiety and more!

More precise surgery means better healing and fewer problems.  Since the procedure is generally done with the patient comfortably asleep, it seems like no time at all to them. HOW LONG DOES THE PROCEDURE TAKE? Wisdom teeth removal varies in length depending on difficulty.  At Precision Implant and Oral Surgery, Dr. Bulloch specializes in the […]
“Take advantage of a consultation and ask plenty of questions. Anything you can think of. The more you know and understand, the more comfortable you will feel.“ A LITTLE INFORMATION ON EXTRACTIONS… Extractions are one of the most common oral surgical procedures. They are performed relatively quickly and painlessly. Extractions have become so routine in […]
The intraoral scan provides unmatched detail. The information from the scan is sent directly to the dental lab that will create your final prosthesis. This component created is highly specific to your mouth. TRADITIONAL DENTAL IMPRESSIONS Almost everyone has had a traditional dental impression taken on a dental visit. Just to recap, a goopy mess […]
Although there is a very high success rate, failures do happen on occasion. Good news is there are certain precautions you can taken as a patient to help minimize the risk of having an implant fail.  LEADING CAUSES OF IMPLANT FAILURE Failure of an implant performed by Dr. Bulloch is a very low occurrence. He […]