Negative Pressure Airflow

To Prevent the spread of Covid-10 and other airborne illnesses, the ADA suggests that the air in a surgical room be replaced at least 12 times per hour. We installed a negative pressure airflow system in the building that increased the amount of times air is replaced in a room from 12 times an hour to 20 times an hour.

PPE Equipment

In response to new ADA guidelines, our surgical team has some cool new outfits! Along with their usual surgical attire, they now wear protective eye-wear, hair nets and proper PPE equipment such as N-95 masks, covered by a second mask.

Social Distancing

In order to promote recommended social distancing protocol, we now have permanent glass shields installed on our front desk. We have also moved most of our paperwork to an online form and we have spaced out surgeries to keep the waiting room as empty as possible.

UVC Light Sterilization

UVC ultra violet sterilization has been implemented in our office. This light has been used in hospitals to sterilize equipment and surgical rooms between patients.

Masks and Sanitizer

For your protection and ours, masks will be worn by our staff when working with patients. If you do not have a mask, but would like to wear one, do not worry! We have one for you to wear. We also ask that you sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer when you enter our office.

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