Multiple Dental Implants

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“An implant-supported bridge is individually made to match the shape and curve of your natural teeth, so really only your dentist can tell the difference.”

Multiple Tooth Replacement

What is a bridge?

Before implants proved to be the better option, a traditional bridge was used to replace a missing tooth. The two healthy teeth on either side were ground down to put on crowns to provide support for the crown being put in the place of the missing tooth. Now, a single implant in the place of the missing tooth is a much better option, as the two healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth can be left alone and don’t have to be damaged to fix the one missing tooth.

When a bridge is made from two dental implants, however, the opposite is true. If a patient has three or more missing teeth in a row, an implant- supported bridge could be a great solution. Bridges put onto implants are actually more successful because their foundation is not two damaged teeth, it is titanium fused to the bone.

What is an implant-supported bridge?

An implant-supported bridge consists of multiple natural-looking ceramic replacement teeth securely placed on dental implants. The bridge is individually made to match the shape and curve of your natural teeth, so really only your dentist can tell the difference. The implants are placed by Dr. Bulloch, an oral surgeon trained in the full scope of Oral Surgery. He works together with your dentist and local CDL’s to create your custom and functional piece of dental art.

Who needs an implant-supported bridge?

We highly encourage anyone who is missing multiple teeth not to address empty spaces. Your teeth are part of a complex, integrated system, and every tooth works together to complete the mouth’s role. When you chew, your teeth stimulate bone which strengthens the quality of your jawbone and helps prevent bone loss. When a tooth is missing, bone begins to shrink and physical changes to the face are likely.

What are the benefits of receiving an implant-supported bridge?

Dental implants act like your natural tooth root, and are made of biocompatible materials. This means that the implants are accepted by your body, and stimulate your bone around the implant just like a natural tooth would. Implants which are placed on dental implants are minimally invasive, and do not negatively affect your adjacent healthy teeth.

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