Together with your Orthodontist, Dr. Bulloch works his part of an orthodontic plan in a safe and comfortable way. 

Need Bracket and chain surgery? Talk to your orthodontist today about Oral Surgery Options with a Certified Oral Surgeon like Dr. Bulloch.

Canine Uncovery w/Chain & Bracket Surgery

After wisdom teeth, Canines are the most common tooth to become impacted. Impacted means that the tooth is “stuck” and needs help erupting. Canine teeth usually erupt around age 13, but the problem can usually found as early as 7 years old. Recent research shows that the earlier this problem is treated and space is created for the tooth to erupt on its own ,the less intervention is needed. In cases where these teeth don’t erupt naturally, an orthodontist and oral surgeon will work together to help un-erupted teeth break through the gums and guide them into place. Usually this starts with an orthodontist using braces to provide an opening for the impacted tooth to be moved into place. Once the space is ready, the Orthodontist will refer the patient to an Oral Surgeon like Dr. Bulloch to expose and connect a bracket to the tooth. 

Usually this surgery occurs under General Anesthesia and lasts about 45 minutes. During the surgery, Dr. Bulloch pulls the baby tooth if it is still there, and then exposes the tooth. He then bonds an orthodontic bracket with an attached chain onto the tooth and temporarily attaches the chain to the wire. At the end of the surgery, only the chain will be visible. This gives the orthodontist a handle onto the tooth so he can begin to slowly move it down into place. If the problem was discovered before the ages of 11 or 12, the orthodontist may forgo the bracket and chain procedure in. hopes that the tooth will move on its own. 

After a short recovery time, you will return to your orthodontist where a rubber band will be attached to the chain in order to provide the proper pressure needed to slowly move the tooth into place and have the tooth erupt through the gums as naturally as possible. There are some cases, especially if the tooth moved a large distance, where gum tissue needs to be built up around the tooth. IF this is the case, a small gum surgery may be needed. Generally, it takes about 1 year for the canine to be completely guided into place after the surgery.

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