Trigeminal Nerve Care

Surrounding Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Why is Trigeminal Nerve Care Important?

The trigeminal nerve runs through the jaw bone. As wisdom teeth grow longer, they can become entangled into this nerve. This is part of the reason why we suggest wisdom teeth removal between the ages of 14 & 18 before the roots get too long.

How Do I Know If My Roots are Close to My Trigeminal Nerve?

We may take a 3D X-ray during your wisdom teeth consultation to see exactly where the nerve is in relation to the roots of the teeth. If Dr. Bulloch finds that the root is close to the nerve, he can generally perform removal techniques that protect the nerve.

Another Option…

If the root is severely entangled around the nerve, Dr. Bulloch may choose to perform a coronectomy, which is a dental procedure where the crown of the tooth is removed, but the roots are left intact where they are generally of no consequence. This is rarely needed for people under the age of 25.

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