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Indirect Restoration Materials

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Evan
Indirect Restoration MaterialsAn indirect restoration is more complex compared to direct restorations. Indirect restorations require our experts to perform laboratory preparations which involve obtaining impressions of your tooth and molding the material to your tooth structure before finally placing it in position. As a result, indirect restoration procedures usually require several visits to our offices.

Our specialists have classified materials for indirect restorations into four categories. These categories are noble metal alloys, base metal alloys, ceramics, and metal ceramics.

Noble metal alloys

Gold and platinum are the most common noble metals. However, gold is highly malleable. It is therefore combined with copper to harden it, making it stronger and hence more suitable for use as an indirect restoration material. Gold is inert to the conditions in the mouth making it a good restoration material. The major disadvantage of metal alloys is their low aesthetic appeal.

Base metal alloys

Common base metals are Cobalt-Chromium and Nickel-Chromium. The oxide layers contained in base metal alloys make them resistant to corrosion caused by the environmental conditions in the mouth. Base metal alloys were developed due to the high cost of gold which made it less preferred as a restorative material.


Ceramics are a popular indirect restoration material due to their aesthetically pleasing nature. You may prefer ceramics to metal alloys since they resemble your natural tooth color. In addition, ceramics are chemically inert and resistant to wear.


Ceramics on their own is brittle, making them susceptible to fractures and chipping. Combining it with metal makes it stronger hence a better restorative material. The strength of metal and the aesthetic of ceramics make the perfect combination for an effective restorative material.

Consult our practice to find out which indirect restorative material will be the best for your treatment plan
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