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St. George, UT

Diagram of All-on-4 Treatment Concept at Precision Dental Specialties in St. George, UTDental implants come in many varieties and can be used as a holder for crowns, bridges, and dentures. These dental restorations are important for restoring the natural looks and function of a person’s mouth after they have lost their teeth. All-On-4 is one type of dental implant that we work with at Precision Dental Specialties. These are similar to other types of dental implants, though they have many advantages over these other types.

What Is All-On-4 Treatment?

All-On-4 treatment refers to a specific type of false teeth designed to be supported on four individual implants. In other situations, you may need to have more than four dental implants, so this is a much less invasive procedure. This treatment includes the four individual implants as well as the full set of false teeth that fits them. All-On-4 treatment is a permanent dental restoration, so you would not need to remove it at any point.

All-On-4 treatment is used for people who have lost all or most of their teeth. Typically, patients seeking this procedure are already wearing dentures. We use this procedure to treat patients of all ages as long as they have good overall and oral health.


This is the preferred restoration option among many patients and dental professionals because it is so non-invasive compared to other options. Though it does require surgery, the placement procedure is quite simple and so is maintenance. In addition, these false teeth look and feel very natural so neither you or anyone you speak to will notice that you have false teeth. They help to maintain your facial structure and they are also very durable. All-On-4 implants have a 98% success rate and give you a much stronger bite force than other options.

All-On-4 implants have less preparation compared to traditional implants as well. These do not require bone grafting and they are placed at an angle, making them much easier to support.


Because it is a surgical procedure, the time it takes to perform the surgery and recover from it will differ for everyone. In general, you should expect the procedure to last between two and three hours. You will receive both local and general anesthetic, which can take several hours to wear off following the operation. During your consultation, our oral surgeon will discuss all of the details with you.

To begin, our oral surgeon will need to make an incision over the spot where the implant will be placed. This includes cutting both the gum and bone and possibly removing some of the tissue. The implant, which is a titanium screw-like structure, is placed in this location. This is repeated for all implants, which are each placed in your lower jaw.

This procedure does take about six months to heal. In that time, while the swelling decreases and the implants fuse with your natural tissue, you will receive temporary teeth. After you have healed, you can come in for your false teeth placement.

There is very little maintenance required for these and you would just need to brush and floss like you would with natural teeth. Call Precision Dental Specialties at 435-522-5629 for additional information on All-On-4 treatment.

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All On 4 St. George, UT | Precision Dental Specialties
All-On-4 is one type of dental implant that we work with at Precision Dental Specialties. Call us today for additional information on All-On-4 treatment.
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