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Ridge Augmentation

Man smiling with his arms crossedIn some cases, patients may need preliminary procedures before they undergo dental implant treatment. As an oral surgery facility, we here at Precision Dental Specialties specialize in procedures that can help you qualify for dental implants. One of the most common preliminary procedures is known as a ridge augmentation.

What Is a Ridge Augmentation?

A ridge augmentation is a common and minor oral surgery that improves your jawbone following tooth loss or an extraction. The alveolar ridge is the part of the jaw that supports the roots of our teeth. In the absence of a tooth, this ridge may deteriorate over time.

In situations where a large amount of bone is missing, there are many options available to reconstruct that area. Often this can be done with synthetic material however in some cases block bone harvested from the patient may be required. Another very successful treatment with amazing results is distraction osteogenesis. In this procedure, existing bone is stretched to provide greater height and width and restore the most natural appearance possible.

Procedures for a Ridge Augmentation

Teeth in the upper posterior (back) region are often the hardest to restore with implants. This part of the jaw usually has the least amount of bone. To place an implant in this area, we may recommend a sinus lift or subantral graft procedure. During this procedure, the sinus membrane is literally “lifted” up to make space for the graft material, and eventually new bone growth.

After Your Ridge Augmentation

The goal of a ridge augmentation is to foster the growth of healthy and dense bone. Dr. Scott E. Bulloch will give you a detailed set of post-operative instructions following your procedure. It typically takes between six to nine months to completely heal following your ridge augmentation. Once we determine that your bone is hard and thick enough to support an implant, we will schedule your next procedure.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you do not initially qualify for dental implants, you may need a ridge augmentation. Call 435-522-5629 to schedule your appointment today!
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