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Oral Pathology/Biopsy

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What is Oral Pathology/Biopsy?

The inside of the mouth is covered with mucosa, which is a smooth, pink, moist lining of tissue. Any type of change in this tissue can possibly point to potential problems that need to be addressed. The process of assessing abnormalities on the gums, tongue, lips, palate or oral mucosa is called Oral Pathology. Oftentimes when a growth needs to be tested, a biopsy must be performed. A biopsy is where a small sample of the growth or abnormality is taken and sent to a lab in order to run tests and help the doctor create a treatment plan.

Who Needs Oral Pathology/Biopsy?

This is pretty straightforward. Any of the following changes could be an early warning sign of a pathological process: White(ish) or Red(ish) patches in the mouth, a lump or thickening skin, sores that bleed easily or fail to heal anywhere on the gms, tongue, lips, palate or oral mucosa.

If you have noticed anything of the above symptoms, or have pain or concern around these areas of the mouth, please call to schedule an appointment with our office. Dr. Bulloch has been trained in the full scope of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and is fully qualified to assess and determine treatment in this area.

What are the Benefits of Oral Pathology/Biopsy?

The main benefit is peace of mind. When it comes to Oral Pathology, knowledge is power. When we know what the problem is, it can be fixed. When it is ignored, stress and questions can mount.

What Can I Expect during an Oral Pathology Visit?

We will perform an examination of the site. We may determine that a biopsy is in order. If this is the case, we will typically numb the site topically in order to obtain a sample to be sent to the lab. These appointments are generally brief. We will give you a phone call when results from the lab are received, where we will schedule a follow up appointment if needed.

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