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Life After Implants

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Evan
Life After ImplantsIf you have received tooth implants, congratulations on restoring your smile, and your ability to eat whatever you want. You may have some questions about what happens next now that your implant procedure is complete. Here are some guidelines for life after you receive dental implants.

What Are Implants?

Dental implants are a way to regain the teeth you have lost due to tooth decay or gum disease, or sudden trauma such as accidents or injuries. When you get a dental implant, a dentist first places a titanium screw into your jawbone. Once that implanted screw heals, you will get a prosthetic tooth placed on top of the titanium screw. With implants, you can replace one tooth, or all of your teeth. Implants are made to look and act like real teeth. They are so real-looking and feeling, your body doesn't even know you lost a tooth at all, so you can retain the shape of your jaw.

Aftercare for Implants

If you've just had implants, you need to be careful during the first few days. Rest for a few days after you have surgery. Be sure to eat soft foods, rather than chewy or hard foods. Don't eat food that is overly hot or overly cold.

Once the implants have healed, you will need to continue to take care of your implants. First, be sure that you are using a soft nylon toothbrush to clean your teeth and implants. You don't want to use anything that is abrasive. Also, you need to skip abrasive toothpaste as well, because the abrasiveness of the toothpaste could damage your implants over time. Be sure that you floss every day because that will prevent plaque buildup around your implants. Be careful when eating especially hard foods, such as apples, nuts, seeds, and carrots. Avoid smoking and alcohol, at least for the first 6 months after you get implants because both could slow down the healing. If you take care of your implants, they could last you for a lifetime.
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