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Foods to Avoid When Your Goal is to Have a Healthy Smile

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
Foods to Avoid When Your Goal is to Have a Healthy SmileWhile brushing your teeth on a regular basis is certainly beneficial, it is also critical to adopt the proper type of diet for your teeth. In fact, knowing what foods to avoid is just as essential as eating the right foods.

Limiting your snacking to avoid exposing your teeth to bacteria that can destroy the teeth's protective layer (enamel) and reach the vulnerable dentine beneath. Most people often ask, which foods should you avoid for the sake of my teeth? Here is your answer.

Sweet Drinks

Bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugars and have the capacity to break them down, producing various acids as byproducts. These acids have the power to dissolve tooth enamel, resulting in small pits that evolve into cavities. These sugars, which bacteria feed on, are abundant in sugary soft drinks. Drinking carbonated drinks can result in carbonation, which is particularly terrible for your teeth since it catalyzes the development of acids and accelerates tooth attrition.


Candy and other high-sugar content foods should be avoided at all costs. Most sweets include a lot of sugar, which bacteria in your mouth consume and convert to acid. Sticky candy, in particular, is very harmful since it stays on the teeth and is difficult to wash down with saliva.

Certain Types of Starchy Foods

Starchy meals such as potatoes, bread, and pasta elevate acid levels in the mouth and contribute to dental enamel degradation. Refined starch is the worst type. You're better off with raw starch, such as that found in veggies.

To keep your teeth safe and healthy, restrict your consumption of the items listed above. You should also come in for regular dental exams so that we can guarantee your teeth are healthy and stay that way. It's better to be cautious than sorry!

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