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What Are Odontogenic Cysts?

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Precision Dental Specialties
What Are Odontogenic Cysts?Ensuring optimal oral health is vital for individuals' overall well-being as it covers essential functionality critical to daily routines like eating, speaking, etc. Unfortunately, one painful scenario is when fluid-filled sac forms from injuries from food particles, infections, etc., occur, known commonly as odontogenic cysts. These cysts usually form around dental roots or in the areas around teeth and jawbones. Delayed actions or poor dental hygiene may result in severe health concerns needing immediate resolution through surgeries.

Types of Odontogenic Cysts

These issues appear in different types, classified according to their origins and properties; common ones include radicular, dentigerous, and odontogenic keratocyst. Radicular cysts emerge from a tooth experiencing pulp necrosis, often related to untreated cavities, tooth roots, or trauma.

Dentigerous cysts usually manifest around emerging teeth trapped inside gums leading to crowding bone loss resulting from delayed/undetected development, besides other complications.

On the other hand, odontogenic keratocyst occurs less frequently compared to others, but their high recurrence rate is associated with remnants of the dental lamina, traumatic implantation, or down growth.

Risks and Treatment

Any delays without prompt medical attention can expose patients to significant dangers that cause even further health complications, such as infections, swelling, itching, and unbearable pain that put general well-being at serious risk. If delayed, these cysts may require immediate treatment, such as surgeries or treatment through oral medications. Upon requiring surgery, the cysts removal procedure involves the removal of healthy tissue around the infected tissues promoting proper cavity restoration.

Complete oral hygiene is key to preventing odontogenic cysts from ever manifesting, reducing the need for surgery\medications as long as proper hygiene protocols are followed. Do not hesitate to consult our team immediately if any suspicions arise regarding odontogenic cyst formation so our experts can diagnose/treat accordingly. For more information on odontogenic cysts, contact us now.

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