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Oral Surgery for Speech Problems

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Precision Dental Specialties
Woman dentist and dental assistant at Precision Dental Specialties in St. George, UTSpeech is essential to human communication, and suffering impediments can adversely affect one's life. Speech problems may result from various neurological conditions and developmental issues. Some people with speech problems can find relief through oral surgery, and in this article, we explore how oral surgery can address these problems and improve your overall communication.

Understanding Speech Problems

Speech problems manifest in various ways, such as language disorders, articulation difficulties, and speech sound disorders. These issues can affect anyone regardless of their age. In some instances, these speech problems may result from problems relating to the structure and function of the oral and facial muscles.

When is Oral Surgery Considered?

Experts will consider oral surgery for your speech problems if the issues result from problems linked to anatomical issues within the mouth or facial structures. Some common reasons for speech-related oral surgery include corrective jaw surgery, cleft palate repair, and removal of oral tumors affecting speech production.

Cleft Palate Repair

Children with a cleft palate may experience difficulties with their speech, and this is due to the gap in their palate. Oral surgery can be done to help close this gap, and as a result, the child can become more. Early intervention is vital to help the child develop clear speech as they grow.

Orthognathic Surgery

In some instances, misaligned jaws may contribute to speech problems. In such cases, the healthcare provider may recommend orthognathic surgery. In this procedure, the healthcare provider may reposition the upper and lower jaws to improve bite alignment, helping resolve issues with speech articulation.

Oral Tumor Removal

Tumors may interfere with speech production as they obstruct the movement of your lips, palate, or tongues. Oral surgery can help remove these growths and restore your everyday speech function.

In conclusion, oral surgery may be a valuable option for people experiencing speech problems that can be resolved through surgery. Improving speech through the surgeries may positively impact your ability to communicate effectively.
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