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Risks Of Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth
St. George, UT

Young woman outside and smiling after getting her wisdom teeth removed at Precision Dental Specialties in St. George, UTPerhaps you've heard whispers about the potential risks associated with keeping your wisdom teeth - the third molars, nestled deep in the back of your mouth. Maybe you've been advised to get them removed, but are uncertain if that is the best choice or even if it is necessary. Whatever the case may be, it's essential to understand what could happen if you decide to retain these molars and what the wisdom teeth risks are. 

Risks of Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth

Keeping your wisdom teeth can pose several risks, especially if they are impacted or causing problems. Some potential risks of keeping wisdom teeth include:


Impacted wisdom teeth are the last constant set to reveal themselves in your dental arch. Sometimes, these late bloomers can behave rather oddly, growing at unusual angles or becoming entrapped within the jawbone because they do not have enough room to fully emerge from the gums. This phenomenon, known as impaction, can lead to pain, infection, and damage to nearby teeth or bone. Although some people don't experience any immediate discomfort, dental specialists often recommend the preventive extraction of impacted wisdom teeth to avoid any future oral health complications. Wisdom teeth may also push against neighboring teeth, potentially causing damage or misalignment.


Stuck in the confines of the gum, a partially erupted wisdom tooth creates a small hideout, perfect for bacteria to thrive. These bacteria can lead to gum disease and infections, resulting in prolonged pain, swelling, redness, pain in the gums, and a general feeling of malaise. If not treated on time, the infection can spread, threatening the neighboring teeth and potentially leading to more severe systemic health issues.  

Cysts and Tumors

Impacted wisdom teeth can sometimes lead to the formation of cysts or tumors around the impacted tooth. These growths can cause damage to surrounding teeth, bones, and nerves.

Damage to Nearby Teeth

Wisdom teeth that are misaligned or impacted may push against neighboring teeth, causing crowding, damage, or misalignment of the existing teeth. The arrival of these teeth can trigger a domino effect in your mouth. Their growth can put pressure on the adjacent teeth, leading to crowding. This not only spoils your once perfectly aligned smile but can also necessitate orthodontic treatment to rectify the misalignment. Hence, keeping a watchful eye on your wisdom teeth, even if they haven't started causing trouble, is certainly wise.

Tooth Decay

Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean properly, especially if they are partially erupted or in an awkward position. This can increase the risk of tooth decay and cavities in both the wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth.

Sinus Issues

Impacted upper wisdom teeth can sometimes push against the sinuses, leading to sinus pain, pressure, and congestion.

Chronic Pain

Impacted or misaligned wisdom teeth can cause chronic pain in the jaw, face, or head.

Come See us at Precision Implant & Oral Surgery

Overall, wisdom teeth risks depend on various factors, including their alignment, eruption status, and impact on surrounding structures. It's essential to consult with our dental professionals to assess the potential risks and benefits of keeping or removing your wisdom teeth based on your individual circumstances. Contact us today at 435-522-5629 to schedule an appointment so we can inspect your wisdom teeth.
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