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After Wisdom Teeth Removal
St. George, UT

Young man standing outside and looking into the camera and smiling after getting his wisdom teeth removed at Precision Dental Specialties in St. George, UTNo matter how prepared you are to have your wisdom teeth removed, the removal and recovery will take at least a week. While the process of having wisdom teeth removed is fairly easy, our dentists at Precision Dental Specialties want to make sure that you can recover as quickly as possible from the surgery. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can use to make sure that the wisdom teeth removal recovery goes very quickly.

Stock Up On Good Foods

If you do not have someone who can make grocery store runs for you, then you will need to be prepared beforehand. You will need to limit your diet to soft foods like soup, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, and other foods that require minimal chewing. If you can purchase these and have enough of them ready before the surgery starts, then you will be prepared for the process ahead of time.

Put The Procedure Into Your Schedule

Our dentists will tell you all about the procedure and when it will happen, so make sure to put it into your schedule. You should prepare yourself for taking some time off and resting up because rest is going to be the number one thing that will have you heal up fast. Make sure to take some time off after the procedure and clear your schedule. Due to sedation, you will also need to have someone drive you home once the procedure is complete. It is important to not operate any motor vehicles after the procedure.

Rinse Your Mouth and Take Any Prescribed Medication

One of the best ways to make your wisdom teeth surgery recovery fly by is by rinsing your mouth out. You may be given a special mouthwash, or you can just use salt water to clean your mouth. It might sting a little bit, but by using warm water, your mouth will continue to be cleaned even if you cannot brush your teeth.

Over the counter pain medication can be prescribed as a way to block the pain that comes with recovery depending on our dentist's recommendation. Take them when prescribed and make sure to rest your head and keep it still while the painkillers are taking effect.

Schedule An Extra Day

For most people, it does take two to four business days to fully recover from wisdom teeth removal. If you have the surgery on Thursday or Friday, you could be back to work on Monday. Of course, each patient is different in healing time. Make sure to schedule an extra day if you need it to recover. If you do, then you will have it to ensure you are fully healed before going back to work or your regular routine.

Take the Time You Need

Our dentists know that you want to get back to your busy lifestyle, but not letting your mouth heal from the surgery can cause some real problems. Take the time to fully recover, and then you will be all good to get back to your life.

If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, we are here to help. Please call Precision Dental Specialties at 435-522-5629 today to set up your consultation.
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